Change is happening ...

Become part of Bowl's new SUPPER CLUB !

Thank You. 

To all of our loyal customers who joined us for dinner at Bowl over the years we wish to thank you for being here. Because of you Bowl has become more than a restaurant ... more than a business. Bowl has built community, relationships, and a sense of place. It's been a venue for storytelling and life sharing, exploring new flavors. Thank you for this. And as the story goes, change is part of life and helps keep things interesting. While we go through some transformations at Bowl in the coming weeks we hope that you'll be part of this change and continue exploring food and community with us. As we step away from our regular business hours we hope that you'll join us in our latest project, a series of unique SUPPER CLUB events, with different culinary themes, great food, libations, and entertainment.

For detailed information regarding SUPPER CLUB dates, themes, reservations and pricing please sign up for our mailing list by visiting the contact page above.